Thursday, July 22, 2010

July: Precious Blood of Jesus - PIF & SS...

As July is the month dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus it may be a lovely offering to offer all our Masses for our clergy who bring us His precious blood when ever we go to recieve Him at Mass.

The Devotion of the Precious Blood

“The Devotion of the Precious Blood exists from the beginning of ages, since it was the first imparted to fallen man. We must thence infer that it ought to be a devotion widespread as the world. Is not everybody redeemed by the Precious Blood? Is it not to this Precious Blood that each of us owe our salvation? And if, hereafter, an everlasting crown rests upon our brow, will it not be the purchase of this Divine Blood?....The Sacred Heart has indeed loved us with a love of surpassing tenderness; and to that love we owe Its long suffering with us; and yet, neither the Sacred Heart nor the gaping wounds of Jesus have been our Redemption; that which has redeemed us – freed us from hell – is the Most Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Since, therefore, our salvation is the fruit of that Blood, since to It we are indebted for Heaven, with its unfading joys, is it not just that we should, each and all, embrace Devotion to the Precious Blood, render It special worship, even daily homage? Because of the needs of the ‘people of God,’ there has been a surge of devotion to the Most Precious Blood. This devotion has become universal, and is often spoken of as the “Devotion of the Elect,” so fitting a title that seldom is a dissenting voice raised against it.”


Priest In Focus 

Here are the new names for our Priest in Focus & Seminarian Spotlight for this week. Please hold these men close to your heart in prayer.

We encourage ladies to offer an Ave for the priests mentioned in the PIF spot when visiting this site. You may wish to offer an Ave for these priests at any time in the week or if you are able to offer up a small sacrifice for them, this would be a wonderful blessing also; what ever you can do would be a appreciated.

We many never see the fruits of our prayers here in this world but we hope and pray that in the next God will reward any good that we have done.
You can also find the names of the priests during the week in the top right-hand side bar.

This weeks priests are:
Fr. S Casey
Fr B Winnett OFM
Fr L Foote OP
Fr B Healy MSC
Fr H  Nikel SVD 


 Seminarian Spotlight

Also we have new names for the Seminarian Spotlight spot this week they all come from 2nd year at St John Vianney Seminary in Wagga-Wagga NSW Australia:

Peter Haack
Almarvin Badival
Sean Byrnes  
Bob Francis Ejekwu
Michael Esteban

Generally we ask for each seminarian an offering of a Glory be... but as above please offer what you can, as any prayers or offerings would be a generous gift for them.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some Changes in the PIF: Please pray this week for...

 I must apologize for our lack of punctuality posting our usual Thursday Priest in Focus spot. We have both been experiencing computer difficulties in one form or another which has hindered our accessibility to the internet. 

Thank you for your patience with us. For now I will post the PIF priest names randomly once a week or once a fortnight; when I can so please keep popping in to catch up on which priests they will be.

We do the best we can as mothers of big families, trying to home school our children, take care of our families and maintain this blog; please keep us in your prayers as well as the priests we offer for you to pray for, as these names come from you.

We are pleased to offer this special place where we can all come to contemplate spiritual matters, pray for the needs of our priests, to share encouragement in this beautiful spiritual motherhood devotion and to pray and do penance for the clergy.  Please feel free to contact us at if you have any ideas or great stories to share relating to SM.

I will endevour to add a couple more stories from the booklet soon. Aussie Annie will be back on deck around August and we will move forward in the direction that Our Lord and King may takes us.

This week we offer these priests names:

Fr A Robbie
Fr Fabian, OSB
Fr H Nikel SVD
Fr J Berg, FSSP
Fr. Antoine Thomas

Please offer a Hail Mary for them or any other offering you may like to do.

Also I am adding on the other side of the blog new names for our Seminarian Spotlight:

Please offer a Glory Be.. for each of these young men who are on the path to the priesthood, giving their life to God in a pure and selfless way.

Br. Paul Marie .
Gerard Philip Johnson
Marshall Kinsey