Monday, September 14, 2009

An Inspiring Witness to Vocations.

I'm sure many of you may have seen this young man's interview. I thought it would be very apt to have it available here for a few reasons.

One: This young man is an inspiration to other young men who may be looking into the priesthood, especially in a world so secular which lacks understanding of the sacrifices these men make. Look at what this young man is giving up, to him not as much as he is gaining, as he will take up a life serving the Lord and King. In the eyes of the world he is giving up so much, a professional sporting career, money and with a very handsome appearance, a chance to live a life of conjugal happiness.
Two: This young man will need a lot of prayers. If you watch this video to the end you will understand what I mean. His words have much wisdom in them as he tries to deflect what the interviewer, in her ignorance of what his vows demand, makes reference to.
Three: He is asking for our prayers to sustain him in his long years ahead studying toward his ordination.
Four: As we will be launching a new spot on the blog for Seminarian's Spiritual Support I thought this would be a nice lead up to other related stories.
Keep an eye out - coming soon.

Here is a great in-depth article about Chase Hildgenbrinck's call to the priesthood.

This is a link sent through to an article from the Washington Times about Chase Hilgenbrincks Call also. His rationale of "Delayed obedience is disobedience", is a very worthy reminder of when God calls, don't delay - act, no matter what - be brave and He will sustain you.


Letizia said...

I will certainly keep him in my prayers.
Beautiful and inspiring story for today, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Thank you!

Chase, keep your eyes fixed in Him and your hand in Mary's hand.
God bless you.

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Thank you for sharing this! I am greatly inspired by this young, impressive man and I will definately remember him in our family prayers.

Zeliemum said...

Yes, he does shine, as countless numbers of our young seminarians do. They are the brightest lights in the darkness of the world. The closer they are to Our Lady and King the more radiant they will become.
This is a beautiful witness of hope!

Anonymous said...

Give God the praise for such a powerful witness especially during this time when we are facing so much negatives re:priests.
May our Blessed Mother enfold Chase in her mantle.He will be in my daily prayer.
Grenada W.I

Zeliemum said...

Thank you Muriel. We will be praying for im as well. God Bless you. Z